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Martin Eriksson is a product leader, investor, speaker, author, and expert in product management practices who’s been hard at work for over 25 years. Having built products and scaled product teams in multiple global markets, Martin has experience and insights that are rare in such a fast-growing industry. He’s helped shape the discipline of product management, and literally wrote the book on Product Leadership. His work is focused on helping grow the next generation of product leadership, and helping bring a global perspective to product management practices everywhere.

Martin is a sought-after speaker offering authentic talks filled with expertise informed by years of trial and error. With experience building digital products since 1994, Martin’s perspective is both experienced and approachable: he’s not shy about mistakes made and lessons learned. From enterprise innovation to leadership, to growth strategies and communication, Martin packs his talks with practical insights gained from working in the real world. This real-world experience helps take big ideas and turn them into concrete actions you can take immediately.

Martin has worked his way through the ins-and-outs of companies of various sizes, including The Financial Times, Monster (building the first SaaS offering there in 2004), Huddle, Covestor, and Cazoo.

Currently he serves as the Product Partner at EQT Ventures, one of Europe’s Top 5 Venture Capital firms, where he helps portfolio companies all over the world learn the practices that have shaped the most innovative and accomplished companies of our generation.

Martin’s impact extends far beyond Silicon Valley. As the Founder of ProductTank and Co-Founder of Mind the Product, together the world’s largest community helping grow and develop product managers in 215+ cities across the globe, he’s helped define an industry and shaped the practices of a generation of tech workers who now call themselves product managers.

You’ll find him online, sharing ideas on Twitter, supporting product leaders all over the world, or having a nice coffee and posting about it on Instagram.

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