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The Decision Stack is a mental model which helps align organisations from top to bottom, and bottom to top - increasing decision making velocity and quality throughout!

This site is where I will explore the model and dig in to what makes a great company vision, strategy, objectives, and principles as well as share how organisations out there are already using the Decision Stack.

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About the Decision Stack

In my work advising startups and corporates on how to succeed I come across too many businesses that don’t connect the dots from vision to execution. Some have great visions but no execution, some great execution but no vision. Too often the missing piece is strategy – not just a business school exercise but the connective tissue between vision and execution.

At the same time, businesses (especially digital ones) are exploding in complexity, and we can no longer rely on great management or leadership to execute even a well defined strategy.

So what is an intrepid business leader supposed to do?

The answer lies in empowering their teams with the autonomy to make decisions themselves. Yet the thousands of decisions made at every level by our teams still need direction. They still need alignment. They still need to know the impact of their decisions.

Every decision is a trade-off, and deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do. The role of the leader (at every level) is therefore to empower their teams while providing the alignment framework necessary for high quality, high velocity, low latency decision making.

This alignment comes from consistency through every step of what I call the Decision Stack, connecting the dots from Vision and Mission, through Strategy, Objectives, Opportunities, and Principles to every single daily decision.

The Decision Stack from top to bottom consistently asks “How are we going to do this?” and from bottom to top asks “Why are we doing this?” and is therefore just as useful for leaders as it is for individual team members.

The Decision Stack connects the dots all the way from vision/mission through to every daily decision made in our companies. With the Decision Stack leaders can make the necessary connections between existing theories around vision, strategy, and execution layers and understand how important all of them are to a cohesive approach. With the Decision Stack individual team members can truly understand how their work connects to the bigger picture.

Achieving clarity throughout the Decision Stack is the best way to enhance autonomy by giving agency to every member of our team to make better decisions, faster.

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