Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

If you want help defining and communicating your Decision Stack - or just leveling up your team's strategic thinking - get in touch!

Talks that inspire

I speak at meetups, conferences, and companies around the world about the Decision Stack, strategy, principles, and more. So whether it's a public event or a company onsite/offsite I can drive a conversation on strategic thinking with a keynote and Q&A.

“One of the best talks at #mtpcon was not even an official talk but the intro by Martin Eriksson.” — Marty Cagan, SVPG
“Martin gave a great talk on product management & challenging the status quo.” — John Collins, Intercom
“Excellent talk addressing key challenges for Product Leaders.” — Taylor Wescoatt, Seedcamp

Workshops that educate

If you and your team want to dig deeper, I am available for a limited number of workshops per year to do just that! I have half- and full-day workshops on the Decision Stack - usually focused on Strategy and Principles.

The strategy workshop was great! Revisiting familiar things and reflecting on them opened up thoughts about what I actually still don't know and what areas I should prioritize for improvement. Some crucial matters are easy to take for granted, but the workshop forced me to reconsider things, which was eye-opening. The most significant lesson of the day was realizing how much work we still have ahead. — 2023 workshop attendee


Do you charge a speaking fee? If you’re a free meetup I’ll happily speak for free (or for travel costs if I’m not local). Otherwise, for corporate events and paid conferences, I expect a speaker fee as well as travel costs.

What topics do you cover? Other than the Decision Stack, Strategy, and Principles - previous talks include Product Leadership, Product Strategy, Building Successful Cross-Functional Teams, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Product/Innovation Portfolio Management, Top 10 Things Start-up Founders Get Wrong, and Imposter Syndrome.

How do I reach out about speaking? Find me on LinkedIn, or better yet get introduced through a mutual connection.