“The Decision Stack is such a powerful mental model. It has helped me unblock countless organisations lost in creating their product strategy and defining meaningful goals and objectives, It brings clarity and simplicity to what feels complicated and challenging and helps everyone connect the dots and brings directional clarity to teams, stakeholders, and your own product thinking”

— Petra Wille, Author of Strong Product People

“I truly, TRULY love the Decision Stack. It’s the best kind of framework: a simple visualization that both explains and systematizes a small handful of important concepts.”

— Matt LeMay, Author of Product Management in Practice

“We have applied The Decision Stack as a blueprint for how we cascade product direction at XING. What I like is that it increases clarity for everyone from CEO to individual contributor. It has helped to sharpen our collective understanding of how the different directional elements play together and improved the conversations we are having about our direction and how to best convey it.”

— Arne Kittler, VP Product at XING